Calcium suspension feed for animals increases their feeds and food’s nutritional value. A certain amount of extra calcium suspension can strengthen an animal’s bones, skeleton and teeth. These calcium supplements can be mixed in their feed or given them separately. It is beneficial for domestic animals such as cattle and pets. Many livestock owners are regularly using these feed supplements to improve the health and productivity of their cattle and animals. 

Calcium Suspension Animals Feed Uses

Brand Name: ADOREMIN GOLD calcium suspension for animals.

Composition: Calcium 50000mg +Phosphorus 25000mg +
Vitamin A 80000iu + Vitamin D3 30000iu +
Vitamin B12 2000mcg + Zinc MHA 15000
mg + Copper MHA 5000 mg + Cobalt 100
mg + Carbohydrate 180000 mg + Vitamin H
500 mcg ( Calcium Suspension )

  • PACK SIZE : 1 ltr Plastic Dolu
  • 5 ltr Plastic Dolu
  • 10 LTR Plastic Dolu
  • 20 ltr Milk Cane

Nowadays cattle farmers and pet owners are aware of the health of their loved animals. They regularly visit veterinary doctors to consult about the proper care and welfare of their animals. Many veterinary doctors suggest feeding their cattle with a mix of health-beneficial supplements regularly to improve their productivity. There are many supplements available in the market to support the health of animals. Calcium suspension is among the most important supplements that provide vital calcium for better skeletal growth in animals. 

Calcium supplements are available in liquid form so that they can be mixed in animal feed. As we know calcium intake is vital for the stronger bone and skeleton of animals. Animals that do not graze on natural grounds and pets that do not get protein and calcium-rich diets, require additional calcium and other supplements to supplement their nutritional requirements. 

Pet calcium suspension

We usually have two pet animals in our homes dogs and cats. Both these animals make great human companions. We care for them, we feed them the best possible food. We take care of their health. But we need to understand that both cats and dogs love carnivore food, especially cats. Cats are pure carnivorous and dogs are omnivorous. These animals need protein and calcium-rich food as required nutrition. 

However, in many homes, they don’t get the required nutritional support. To fulfil their nutritional needs pet feed supplements are available in the market. Pet calcium suspension is one vital supplement that provides the required calcium amount in the body. This supplement makes their bones, skeleton and canines strong. It is a vital requirement of any house pet that is carnivorous or omnivorous. 

Veterinary PCD franchise for calcium suspension 

Calcium suspension is a popular feed supplement in the veterinary products market. It has a great sale courtesy of the awareness of cattle and pet owners. It makes the veterinary PCD franchise a desirable business venture with minimal capital outlay. 

However, the most cost-effective and fruitful franchise-providing veterinary company is Fluff Adore. This is the fastest-growing veterinary products manufacturing company in India. We manufacture ADOREMIN GOLD calcium suspension for animals. This calcium supplement can fulfil any animal’s calcium requirement. We are the most promising calcium suspension animal feed manufacturers and suppliers in the whole country. Just browse our website further for more information about animal feed supplements and veterinary products. 

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