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Fluff adore is a veterinary division of Casca Remedies, India’s no. 1 exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of pharma products. Though we are comparatively new in the market, we still have a hold in the industry. This is because of our powerful brand name and image. People put their trust in us for high quality veterinary medicines. So, if you want to take a veterinary medicine franchise, you can contact us anytime, anywhere. 

What separates us from others? Well, to be precise, Profit is not our topmost priority. We work tirelessly to provide nothing but the best for animals and our partners. For animals, we make sure to follow the highest standards. Our focus lies in quality. This is achieved by our R&D Department. Our R & D department works round the clock to bring up the best and most innovative products on the table.


Origin Story 

Our founder is particularly fond of animals. Recently, he came across the issue of poor quality animal products being distributed in a region. These products lacked said minimum standards and were not suitable for the livestock in the long run, affecting their overall health. This news actually upset him a lot.

And this is the origin story of Fluff adore. Initiated with an objective to manufacture good quality medicines for our little friends. We were in a pickle while deciding the name of our veterinary medicine company. However, one day out of nowhere, our CEO casually said, “What about fluff adore? It’s cute” And, yeah, that’s it. We all said in unison, Fluff adore it is!

Our mission

Our mission, passion, and objective are to make sure good quality, affordable medicines are available in every nook and corner of the country. Now, producing the best quality veterinary medicines is our work. For distribution and making sure everyone gets their hands on these best, affordable medicines, we need you! When you take our veterinary medicine franchise, you become a part of our dream.

Fluff adore is an up and coming veterinary medicine company. We have our headquarters in Haryana (Ambala). We have our marketing office and manufacturing unit set up in Ambala as well. Furthermore, we have a large network of healthcare professionals and franchise partners spread all over India. Hence, we provide veterinary medicine opportunities to PAN India. 

Our priority 

As a veterinary medicine company, obviously, our top most priority is providing high quality products. We stick to the highest standards as an ISO- WHO certified company.

We take so much pride in our quality because we have our own fully automated, multiple tier, GMP-accredited manufacturing unit. And also, a world class Quality Assurance lab equipped with all the modern equipment. Additionally, we do batch by batch Quality check(QC) analysis. 

For our veterinary medicine franchise partners, our priority lies in providing them with the best deals and offers. Fluff adore makes sure that all the queries of customers are resolved. We are just one call away for you.

We work 24*7 to process orders on time. Thanks to our large manufacturing unit and the continuous efforts of our people, you don’t have to wait a minute. 

Fluff adore offers monopoly rights in almost every major region. So, you want to start your veterinary medicine company at a low cost and achieve great success? Well, in that case, you can send us a query now!

Best veterinary medicine franchise in India: Fluff adore

We have over 200+ franchise partners all over the country. Above all, the trust they put in us helps us to become better every day. There are multiple reasons why Fluffadore is people’s first choice for a veterinary medicine franchise. What basically sets us apart from the stock is our love for the livestock. Other factors include:

  • ISO-WHO certification
  • GMP accredited manufacturing unit
  • Batch by batch QC and QA checks
  • On time delivery
  • Highest profit margin
  • World class packaging
  • Promotional materials
  • Exclusive monopoly rights

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