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So, are you looking for the best veterinary products franchise? Minimal investment and high returns? Then, worry not! You are in the best place. Fluff adore offers veterinary products franchise at low cost to PAN India!

Fluff adore is a veterinary division of Casca Remedies. Casca Remedies was established in 1988. Actually, Fluffadore is the newest addition to our company. The best thing about taking our veterinary product franchise is our brand name and power, without a doubt. With our 30+ years of experience, we know the market from the inside and out. Hence, you can not lose with us.

Fluff adore is very dear to us. It is because we care about animals a lot. We understand how the health of animals affects us in all domains of life. Say it cattle, dogs, pigs, goats, or sheep. They all affect our lives a lot. This is why we are driven towards providing nothing but the best for them. Flufadore thrives on providing the best and only the best quality products for our dear animals. This is also the reason, why we are actively offering Veterinary PCD Pharma franchise Company in every part of the country; to make quality products available in every nook and corner. 

If you love animals as much as we do, we would highly recommend fluff adore’s veterinary products franchise to you.

Why choose us for veterinary product franchise?

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO-WHO certified company. We take pride in our highest quality products.

World class manufacturing

We have fully automated, multiple tiers, GMP accredited manufacturing unit. This gives us the chance to process large orders in no time. And keep our products 100% contamination free. 

Brand Power

You can never go wrong with 30+ years of experience. We already have a tight hold in the market. Selling products with our brand name will be a no brainier.

Higher Returns

With our low cost veterinary product franchise, you will make great profit in no time. Even with minimal investment, our returns are significantly high.

Why take Veterinary products Franchise & Veterinary PCD Pharmaceutical Companies


Veterinary products have always been in demand. But its demand has risen significantly in the past few years. Reason?

Certainly, an increase in awareness. Well, people now understand what’s best for their stock. Thus, they want to invest money in quality products. 

There are a lot of Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India. But most of them lack the most basic thing; quality. Many companies sell fake and low quality products. Products that aren’t complied with international standards.They still however used to make profits previously. But now people have opened their eyes. With so many diseases around, no one wants to take a chance with their animal’s health and well being.

As a result , it is a really good time to take a veterinary products franchise. Suppose, if you are looking to expand your business, or just entering the pharma industry. A Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise Company is the best fit for you! 


VETERINARY big animals range

Advantages of taking veterinary product franchise

There are a lot of benefits of taking a veterinary products franchise. The following list highlights few of those. Have a look

  • Firstly, it is low investment, low risk venture.
  • Secondly, large profit margins and Higher returns.
  • Additionally, it is a growing sector.
  • Also, you can expand easily, even internationally.
  • And lastly, the most important thing, monopoly rights.

What makes us the best veterinary product franchise in India?

Fluffadore is India’s fastest growing Veterinary Product Franchise company in India. There are many advantages of taking our veterinary product franchise, for example

  1. ISO certified company
  2. products made according to WHO standards.
  3. On time delivery.
  4. world class packaging
  5. wide range of products
  6. monopoly rights in almost every major area in the country.
  7. Promotional items
  8. 24*7 customer support

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